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Severe Car Crash Shocks Florida Drivers

Severe Car Crash Shocks Florida Drivers

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 2-Aug-2012

A car crash is always a terrible event. Few crashes are minor enough to leave all parties involved completely unscathed. Recently, Florida saw a collision that was uncommonly devastating. The National Transportation Safety Board reported that a crash on the I-75 left 10 dead and 18 wounded. The multi-vehicle collision occurred at 3:45 AM on a Sunday early in the year. Though no immediate cause has been determined, the Florida Highway Patrol will be leading an investigation that could quickly turn into a criminal investigation.

As of now, the main cause of the pile-up was low visibility. In the early morning, a combination of fog and smoke made it virtually impossible to see anything. The smoke was caused by a nearby brush fire. Investigators believe that this fire was set intentionally, as there is no clear natural cause such as lightning. The cause of the initial collision is not known; however, by the end of the incident 19 vehicles, including 7 tractor-trailers, had joined the wreckage.

When rescuers first arrived, the smoke and fog were so thick that victim could only be located by their moans and screams. To increase the difficulty, a number of cars had caught fire and exploded. One man who survived the crash described it saying "it looked like the end of the world." With people screaming, cars crashing into each other, and explosions going off, one can only imagine the terror of being involved.

The fire in question had begun the day before. It was assumed that it had been set intentionally. Though the fire had been contained, this section of the highway was still badly affected. Police had shut down the road for a time on Saturday and early Sunday, but it had been reopened. It is unknown how much time passed between this reopening and the beginning of the crash. A similar incident happened four years ago in January of 2008. In this incident, fog and smoke also combined to severely limit visibility on the road. In this crash, 4 were killed and 38 were injured.

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