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Blog Posts in 2012

  • 28-Dec-2012

    Florida's Murder Story of the Year

    When Trayvon Martin's shooting death was first recorded on a soggy night in late February it was just a blip on the local television news, but this story quickly escalated to become one of the most controversial murder cases of the year. The ...
  • 27-Nov-2012

    Learn More About Your Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys

    A criminal arrest is perhaps one of the most difficult situations you will experience in your lifetime. As a result, choosing to hire an aggressive legal professional is one of your best options to fighting for your freedom. If you have been accused ...
  • 23-Oct-2012

    Florida Plans to Execute Mass Killer After Court Lifts Stay

    John Errol Ferguson became notorious in the 1970s when he was convicted of killing a host of people in a mass killing rampage. He was charged with the murder of many and was given a death sentence as a result. He was under a stay recently, but is now ...
  • 9-Oct-2012

    Fake FPL Workers Rob Miami Victim

    In Miami, it’s a generally good idea to avoid trusting people who knock on your door and ask to be invited in. Yet when those people are dressed like Florida Power & Light workers, it may seem like a reasonable action to allow them in. One ...
  • 2-Oct-2012

    Seven Workers at Airport Café Arrested

    According to the Miami New Times, seven women who work at the Miami International Airport were recently arrested. They all worked at Café Versailles, a small establishment that is a spin off of a famous Cuban eatery in the city. The women who ...
  • 26-Sep-2012

    Attempted Carjacking Caught on Tape in Miami

    The Miami-Dade Police were shocked and saddened when they watched surveillance footage from a parking garage at a Metrorail Station. In the parking garage, a man approached a 55-year-old woman and violently threatened her as he tried to steal her ...
  • 11-Sep-2012

    Miami Man Arrested with 18-Wheeler

    Stealing a motor vehicle is considered g rand theft auto, and is a crime that is often charged as a felony. When a man from Miami took an 18-wheeler trailer-tractor carrying $250,000 of copper sheeting, he was suddenly guilty of variety of theft ...
  • 30-Aug-2012

    Mom Hits Daughter with Tire Iron in Miami Domestic Abuse Case

    Police arrived at Tonya Burns’ home and arrested her for allegedly hitting her daughter with a tire iron when she wouldn’t go to school. Admittedly, parents can often act erratically when their teenage children defy their authority. It is ...
  • 6-Aug-2012

    Man Arrested for Burning a Dog Named Courage

    Burning a dog alive certainly would qualify as a criminal charge of animal cruelty and a man from Miami is facing that charge after he hurt an innocent Boxer dog named Courage. The offender is a 29-year-old from North Miami who was booked into the ...
  • 2-Aug-2012

    Florida's Harsh Drug Law Upheld

    The push for major drug law reform is becoming stronger and heating up across the country, with the legalization of marijuana and medical marijuana at the forefront of the debate. Many supporters and researchers are trying to convince lawmakers that ...
  • 2-Aug-2012

    Severe Car Crash Shocks Florida Drivers

    A car crash is always a terrible event. Few crashes are minor enough to leave all parties involved completely unscathed. Recently, Florida saw a collision that was uncommonly devastating. The National Transportation Safety Board reported that a crash ...
  • 24-Jul-2012

    More Threats All Over America During Dark Knight Showings

    After the devastating massacre at a Colorado movie theatre, police have been vigilant to check all bags and watch out for suspicious characters at the movie theatre. Still, three offenders have been arrested at separate instances in Maine, Arizona, ...
  • 16-Jul-2012

    Bronco's Defensive End Arrested for Aggravated Assault in Miami

    Elvis Dumervil is encouraged to exercise aggression and tenacity on the football field, but he was recently arrested for displaying these character traits outside of the football stadium. Dumervil was taken into custody on Saturday, July 14 th, after ...
  • 13-Jul-2012

    Woman Killed by Stalker in Florida

    Police shot and killed an estranged man who was allegedly stalking 54-year-old Rose Nelson in Eustis, Florida. The middle-aged woman was aware that she was being stalked by the man, and had contacted the police the day before to talk about the ...
  • 12-Jul-2012

    Florida Man Jumps of Roof and Bites Homeowner

    While tests have not yet been completed, police believe that another bath salts incident in Florida will send a man with the initials A.H. to prison for a very long time. Only a few months ago, the news spotlight shone on a man who had ingested a ...


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