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Attorney Profiles - Parks & Braxton, PA

Michael Braxton

Attorney Michael BraxtonMichael Braxton has dedicated his entire professional career, spanning over 20 years, to defending individuals charged with crimes. Mr. Braxton began his legal career as an Assistant Public Defender in Tampa, Florida. After leaving the Public Defender’s office, Mr. Braxton became a partner at the law firm of Essen & Essen et al., defending DUI’s and criminal offenses.

Throughout his career, Mr. Braxton has defended thousands of people charged with DUI and other criminal offenses. He has tried over 150 criminal jury trials and countless bench trials. He has also argued hundreds of pre-trial motions. His success in the courtroom has led to numerous not guilty verdicts in cases involving DUI’s, misdemeanors, and all felonies ranging from 3rd degree to felonies punishable by life.

In addition to his success at trial, Mr. Braxton has secured countless case dismissals based on police misconduct, destruction of evidence, illegal searches, and seizures, and a number of other reasons. He has also handled and won countless driver’s license hearings, allowing individuals accused of DUI to protect their driving privileges.

Mr. Braxton has lectured at several DUI / Criminal Defense seminars and has taught hundreds of attorneys throughout the State of Florida on the art of winning a DUI / criminal case. He has lectured on the topic of “How to Properly Cross Examine a Witness.” He has written nationally published articles on such DUI / criminal defense topics as “Excluding Breath, Blood, and Urine results” and “Unlawful Police Stops.”

Mr. Braxton has handled thousands DUI and criminal cases throughout the state of Florida. His experience and commitment to clients continue to be a driving force behind the firm’s ability to secure successful results. Mr. Braxton is also admitted to practice law in the state of New Jersey.


  • University of Connecticut, 1990 - B.S. Business Administration
  • Nova Law Center, 1993 - J.D.

Andrew Parks

Attorney Andrew ParksAndrew Parks began his career as a prosecutor for the Broward County State Attorney’s Office. After leaving the State Attorney’s Office, he worked for, and eventually became the youngest lawyer to become a partner at the law firm of Essen & Essen et al, which focused on defending those charged with DUI and criminal offenses.

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Parks is able to draw from insight into the “other side” when defending clients specifically charged with any type of criminal offense including DUI, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, and all types of felonies.

His ability to challenge the prosecution’s case and create customized defense strategies consistently produces successful results for the firm’s clients. Over the years, he has tried more than 150 criminal cases, has argued countless pre-trial motions, and has won numerous driver’s license hearings.

As a result of his success as a criminal and DUI defense lawyer, Mr. Parks has been invited to speak at seminars around the state where he has lectured hundreds of attorneys on topics including defending a drunk driving case, dismantling the State’s DUI and criminal case, and the art of winning a DUI and criminal case with motion practice.

Mr. Parks was recruited by West Publishing and is now recognized as a nationally published author. He has written articles on such topics as how to beat the breath test as well as how to use police misconduct to dismiss a case. He has also written articles and lectured on unlawful police search and seizures.

Mr. Parks has handled thousands of DUI and criminal cases throughout the state of Florida in his career spanning over 19 years. He continues to apply his skills to the defense of those charged with all criminal offenses.


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