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  • 30-Mar-2016

    Improper Lane Changes To Traffic Light Violations: How A Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help

    There are many options available to people who have obtained one or more traffic citations while on the road. For some people, it might be their first traffic offense and they wish to do everything possible to pay it off and get it off of their ...
  • 3-Jul-2013

    New Florida Laws Take Effect this Week

    Monday, July 1 was the first day of the new fiscal year. Each year in the beginning of July, states throughout the nation implement new laws, rules, and regulations that voters or legislators have previously approved. This year, common threads ...
  • 2-Aug-2012

    Severe Car Crash Shocks Florida Drivers

    A car crash is always a terrible event. Few crashes are minor enough to leave all parties involved completely unscathed. Recently, Florida saw a collision that was uncommonly devastating. The National Transportation Safety Board reported that a crash ...


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Case #2013-MM-013483 Defendant blew a .201 and .198 in the breath machine. This was the defendant's Third DUI. The State dropped the DUI. View All Wins
Case #15-009347MU10A Defendent was arrested for DUI and blew a .136 in the breath machine. The DUI was dismissed. View All Wins
Case #2014-CT-047130 Defendant was stopped after he was involved in a hit and run accident. He failed the roadside tests and was arrested for DUI. The State dropped the DUI. View All Wins