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If You Have Been Charged With A Felony, You Need A Felony Attorney

If You Have Been Charged With A Felony, You Need A Felony Attorney

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 10-Feb-2016

The difference between being charged with a misdemeanor crime and a felony is based on the severity of specific crimes, and the corresponding severity of the punishment associated with each offense. For example, a misdemeanor assault charge might mean you threatened to harm someone else, and they genuinely feared for their well-being, whereas a felony assault might mean you pulled out a firearm on that person. There is a noticeable difference in the severity of the action. In terms of punishment, misdemeanors are often paired with prison sentences of up to 12 months, whereas felony charges result in prison terms longer than 12 months. For these reasons, you will want to seek the guidance of a felony attorney who understands how to properly analyze, present, and defend you against the felony charges you or a loved one may be facing.

Facing any time inside of a jail cell is a life-altering experience, both inside and outside the walls of confinement. On the inside, you face harsh living conditions with sometimes very dangerous individuals. Your rights are stripped away from you as you serve your time, contemplating the chain of events that led you to be stuck inside those walls. On the outside, the stigma carries on to haunt you. Convicted criminals have difficulty finding employers that are willing to hire them. If you can’t find a way to reintegrate into the system, then you face an additional economic burden on top of the psychological aftermath of serving jail time.

A felony lawyer at the Miami law firm of Parks & Braxton can help evaluate the charges filed against you. Using the experience they have gained after a cumulative 40 years of practice in the field of criminal defense, they can fight for you. We have dealt with felony charges for crimes such as theft, assault and battery, drug crimes, sex crimes, murder, indecent exposure, traffic violations, and many more. Call a felony attorney today at (888) 460-7383 for a free consultation and find out how you can best defend yourself against your felony charges.

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