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Florida Fortune Tellers Admit to Fraud, Owe $200,000

Florida Fortune Tellers Admit to Fraud, Owe $200,000

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 8-Feb-2013

Three Broward County "psychics" admit to fraud after ripping off customers for more than $200,000. According to news sources, a woman (RM), her niece (VM) and RM's Husband (DE) were involved in a $25 million fraud. RM and VM pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy, while DE pled guilty to money laundering conspiracy allegations. The three psychics will have to repay the $200,000 but may be able to avoid prison sentences. Prosecutors intend to recommend house arrest or probation when the trio is sentenced in May.

The family took advantage of vulnerable customers when they promised to perform "cleansing rituals" on cash and other valuables by giving it to charities. Other customers were told that they had to "sacrifice" their money to charities in order to remove curses. The rituals were supposed to clear the customers' lives of negativity. In reality, the fortune tellers pocketed the cash. According to federal prosecutors, the "money was used and spent by the [women] and others for their personal living expenses and entertainment." RM and another three relatives will go to trial for similar accusations in April. Another member of the family will appear at trial in August.

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