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Miami Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Have you been charged with credit card fraud in Miami?

With the increase of online shopping and banking, there has also been a parallel increase in the number or credit card fraud complaints reported. In fact, an estimated $3.4 billion of online revenue was lost to online fraud in 2011, and the federal government is cracking down on offenders. Fraud is defined as a theft crime that includes the use of deceptive means to obtain goods or money from individuals. The specific crime of credit card fraud involves carrying out a plan to defraud others, and typically involves debit or credit cards.

The number of online credit card fraud complaints has also dramatically increased in recent years. Credit card fraud charges can include a slew of illegal actions, including using a card that you were not authorized to use or a card that was not issued to you. If your credit card is expired, revoked or forged, you may also be charged with credit card fraud. Without legal representation from an experienced Miami criminal defense attorney, individuals who are charged with credit card fraud will face a seasoned federal prosecutor without any defense to fight off accusations.

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When you are under investigation for credit card fraud in Miami, you can turn to the superior defense team at Parks & Braxton, PA for the strong defense you need. Our firm has successfully handled thousands of criminal cases in the past, and we will help you safeguard your reputation, your career and your freedom. If you committed credit card fraud three or more times within a six month period, or if the amount of goods purchased is greater than $100, you may be charged with a felony crime. The penalties for a felony conviction for credit card fraud include up to 5 years in prison and a fine of double the loss the victim or $5,000, whichever amount is higher.

Don't wait! Contact a Miami criminal defense lawyer at Parks & Braxton, PA today to start fighting your charges. We have successfully handled thousands of cases and we are available to take your call 24 / 7.



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