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Fake FPL Workers Rob Miami Victim

Fake FPL Workers Rob Miami Victim

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton || 9-Oct-2012

In Miami, it’s a generally good idea to avoid trusting people who knock on your door and ask to be invited in. Yet when those people are dressed like Florida Power & Light workers, it may seem like a reasonable action to allow them in. One Miami woman was solicited by a group of three alleged FPL workers who said that they had been sent to her house to check on the circuits. She let them in to do their work, but once they were inside they began ransacking the home. The 55-year-old woman says that she was tied up as she watched the robbers steal her property and leave the scene. She remained bound for some time, but eventually was able to get free and ran to the neighbor’s home. She asked them to help her and said that the thief took her phone.

The neighbor called the police, and another neighbor rushed in to see what all the commotion was about. Many of the Miami natives in the area were shocked by the crafty ploy and said that they would have opened their doors to the alleged FPL workers if they had requested access to the house. The real FPL department says that they have received multiple reports of thieves that were dressed in their uniforms and robbed homes in the state. The Florida Power and Lights says that all of their true employees carry a photo identification badge and a work order letter. If a person knocks on the door and cannot produce these documents, then chances are that they are not legitimate. If you have been arrested for impersonating a worker and committing burglary then contact a criminal defense attorney at Parks and Braxton for aid. We are here to help you with any crime that you need to battle in court!

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