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The Truth About DUI Lawyers

The Truth About DUI Lawyers

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 21-Nov-2016

At times a reputation that precedes you is no good, and believe it or not the same can apply to crimes. Drunk driving is a terror shared nationally for good reason. The statistics speak for themselves. Laws against drunk driving are called for, but punishments, as we all can agree, should only be given to the guilty. Drunk driving sets such a vivid image and horror in our minds that anyone linked to it is seen as an equal threat even before a verdict. So it is good to know a lawyer with this specialty, and why there are lawyers in this area in the first place.

Determining one’s drunken state isn’t an exact science, despite the impressions a BAC test gives. BAC tests are meant to test Blood Alcohol Levels, but, when stopped on the side of the road, there is no practical way to test your blood directly. Therefore, it is estimated through other means, such as through the breath. Breathalyzers are devices that attempt to calculate how much alcohol is absorbed in the throat, lungs and mouth. These results can be inaccurate due to how sensitive breathalyzers are to certain products and health issues. For example, mouthwash can contain alcohol, and there are recorded cases of breathalyzers picking up on it.

Many do not fully understand the procedure for a DUI case, nor know the legal facts involved.

Hopefully, it is because they always take precautions when drinking to never wake up in jail with a hangover. Unfortunately, however, you don’t have to be guilty to get mixed up in a legal misunderstanding. One not so general knowledge is that driving on the streets means you already consent to take field sobriety tests. This means refusing to take the tests can lead to further consequences even if later found innocent. These rules can be different in different states.

It should already be clear by now that this article is not at all meant to diminish the dangers of drunk driving. Every 120 seconds someone is hurt in a drunk driving incident. Car accidents remain to be the leading cause of death in teens and one-third of crashes are alcohol related. Drunk driving killed 9,878 in just one year. Alcohol makes any man dangerous with a car. Drunk driving is responsible for so much pain. It has torn apart families, taken lives, and ruined them.

Drunk driving is a terrible problem, a terrible crime to commit. Taking that risk in any way is irresponsible and stupid. Drunk drivers should be persecuted by the law, not sober ones. Although drunk driving is a huge concern it is not the only problem on the road. Bad drivers and circumstantial events cause accidents as well. It should be up to the court to decide if crashes are indeed the inconsiderate actions of a drunk or not. Of course, they can also decide if even those are inexcusable and at the fault of another. Although, it’s hard to imagine any of cause of a crash being as reckless and culpable as a drunk driving incident. When you’re faced with DUI charges you will need to call Parks and Braxton. Period.

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