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How To Fight a DUI Case

How To Fight a DUI Case

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 7-Nov-2016

DUI cases are one of the most common cases fought out in a courtroom. Cars have become the made mode of transportation all over the world. Some cities and areas are constructed under the assumption that people have cars to drive through them. The only thing that’s probably more famously used than cars is alcohol. Alcohol is an intoxication that we are allowed to indulge in but should most definitely not abuse. Its effects are usually the reason for in taking the liquid, and although it’s not exactly lethal, it can be quite dangerous to do activities while under its influences.

The most important action to avoid is driving. The big problem, however, is the biggest side effect of alcohol, which is decision making. Not only is it common for a drunk to be unaware of being drunk, but they are also incapable of making common sense decisions, or any decisions really. This, mixed with all the side effects that debilitate all good driving skills, such as slow reflexes and blurry vision makes the two common adult objects a very dangerous mixture. No matter how professional a driver is, the need to maintain a sober mind is absolute when behind the wheel. Yet, they are still very accessible and therefore often mixed. This creates a lot of drunk driving cases and law firms dedicated to them, like Parks and Braxton.

There are some tricks that can be employed in order to fight a DUI case and these lawyers are well equipped with the knowledge of every backdoor in every possible law.

There is always that chance that the checkpoint doesn’t qualify all the required criteria to be branded as a legal one. There might be checkpoints that tend to have either incompetent cops or incompetent actions. Sometimes, checkpoints are even set up for no reason altogether by illegal communities and that can be a major help when fighting a DUI case.

Disputing suspicion that you were under influence is another good way to fight a DUI case. While there aren’t many who got out of charges with the help of this method sometimes when a client was never drunk there is a case to make and it works. Sometimes with valid proof, which lawyers like these are excellent at sniffing out, the innocence of the person charged with DUI can be proven.

One can also question the field sobriety tests to fight against DUI ,but the sobriety tests are usually very well thought out, and any glitches that might occur are merely coincidences that can easily be irrelevant. It is here that the need for DUI lawyers like those in Parks and Braxton is felt because it lies in their profession to find out glitches that can actually be put to use in a case.

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