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My Partner Is Making False Domestic Violence Claims

My Partner Is Making False Domestic Violence Claims

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 8-Jul-2015

While many marriages are great, there are many that fall into ruts of disagreements that cause some couples to divorce. Although divorce is never a fun process, it can be mutual, clean, and uncomplicated. On the other hand, divorce has the ability to take a turn for the worst, becoming dreadful, complicated, and bitter. Unfortunately, spousal abuse is amongst the leading causes of divorce. In fact, a study has shown that an estimated 25 percent of divorces include some kind of domestic violence allegation. Regrettably, domestic violence allegations are rarely investigated, leading toroughly 700,000 wrongful arrests for domestic violence every year.

Wrongful arrests for such a charge most often start with one of the partners making threats that he/she will call the police and tell them the other partner has been beating, causing emotional stress, molesting their children, etc. However, partners go wrong when they assume that the partner making the threats will not follow through with what they are saying. It is extremely important to take these threats seriously so the person who is having the threats directed at them remains safe from a undeserved punishment.


Below is a list of things to do if your partner (wife, girlfriend, husband, or boyfriend) is threatening to contact authorities and report false domestic abuse allegations:

  • If not locked into a marriage, contact a lawyer to discuss your rights and discuss a way to have the accusing partner removed from your home if the two of you are co-habiting a home.
  • If locked into a marriage, speak with an attorney about how the two of you can end the marriage in a safe manner in order to ensure your rights are protected throughout the process.
  • If you are locked into the marriage but feel that you are unable to terminate the relationship, for reasons such as sharing children, talk to a lawyer to see how you can protect yourself from any false allegations.

Many define these type of relationships, where one partner is making false domestic violence allegations, as totalitarian relationships. The partner initiating these false claims is often seeking control, intimidation, and unlimited freedom. However, if that partner continues, the consequences for the innocent partner can be detrimental to the rest of the accused person’s future. It is important to speak to a seasoned and experience domestic violence attorney as soon as possible to make sure all rights are protected.

The Miami criminal defense lawyers at Parks & Braxton P.A. understand the stresses that relationships such as the above put on a person’s mind and thoughts about the future. The divorce and domestic violence attorneys at the firm will work hard to make sure your rights are protected. For a free consultation, call the firm at (888) 460-7383.

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