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Traffic Ticket Penalties

Traffic Ticket Penalties

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A traffic ticket can be detrimental to your driving record and many drivers think that paying the fine will take care of the problem. This is not the case! Failing to fight your ticket can raise your insurance rates and damage your driving record.

Regardless of the traffic ticket you are currently facing, Parks & Braxton, PA is here for you. Our award-winning Miami traffic ticket attorney will give your case the dedication it needs to be overturned. Trust our 30+ years of experience with your traffic violation.

What penalties are associated with traffic tickets?

Traffic tickets can be incurred for many different reasons, including speeding, improper lane changes, and reckless driving. The penalties you face are directly related to the seriousness of your crime.

Some of the most common ticket penalties include:

  • Fines, usually between $100 and $700
  • Points applied to your driving record
  • License suspension and revocation
  • Mandatory traffic school

Florida's point system determines the state of your driving record. The system works as such:

  • 12 points acquired in 12 months results in a 30 day license suspension
  • 18 points acquired in 18 months results in a 3 month license suspension
  • 24 points acquired during 36 months results in a 1 year license suspension

It is also important to note that when you receive traffic tickets or points on your record, most insurance companies raise your rates. On top of fines, this can present a serious financial burden.

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