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Traffic Light Violations

Florida Traffic Light Violations

Miami Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Traffic light violations can be one of the most frustrating mistakes a driver can make. With the institution of red light cameras, intersections across the state of Florida have become breeding grounds for traffic citations. Because you don't always see the installed camera, you may run a red light without even knowing you were caught.

Although you might be tempted to just pay the fine and get it out of the way, this is may not always be the best option. Our firm is equipped with a capable Miami traffic ticket attorney who can review your case and fight for your citation to be overthrown in court. Parks & Braxton, PA is available to you 24/7 and has been highlighted by news feeds such as ABC and Fox News. Contact us today!

Red Light Cameras in Florida

Red light cameras are equipped with sensors that coordinate with the traffic lights and will capture several photos when a vehicle passes through a red light. The cameras also note the date, vehicle speed, and license plate.

All tickets for a red light violation in Florida are $158. If the fine is not paid within 30 days, the fine will increase. You can, however, fight your ticket if you believe there has been an error.

The following defenses can be made for a red light citation:

  • Law enforcement directed the driver to proceed through the red light
  • An emergency vehicle necessitated the action as a way to yield
  • The vehicle owner was not the one driving the vehicle at the time

Our qualified team of attorneys has dealt with hundreds of traffic violation cases and will use our past experience to handle your case. The personalized counsel that we provide is extremely beneficial in a traffic light violation.

Call our firm before your 30 days is up and we'll get to work on your defense!

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