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Out of State Violations

Contesting an Out of State Traffic Violation

Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Miami, Florida

Speeding tickets are one of the most common types of out-of-state traffic citation and can lead to varying legal penalties, depending on the specific type of ticket and the state. If law enforcement cited you for a traffic infraction out of state, you probably have a lot of questions, such as:

  • How will the ticket appear on my record?
  • Where should I go to court to contest the ticket?
  • Will the ticket transfer to my driving record in my home state?

The answer to these questions depend on the facts of your case. If you were accused a traffic infraction while driving outside of your home state, the Miami traffic ticket defense lawyers at Parks & Braxton, PA can help you fight for your rights in court. Contact our office today to learn more about your legal rights and options.

Dealing with an Out of State Traffic Ticket

Even safe drivers receive traffic citations. Dealing with a ticket is never easy, especially if you have to deal with laws and legal proceedings in multiple states. It is impossible to determine how the ticket will affect your record without specific information regarding your case. Depending on state laws, a traffic ticket in one state can prevent you from renewing your driver license in another state.

Aggressive Legal Defense for Miami Drivers

Whether you are a resident of another state or native to Florida, the Miami traffic ticket defense lawyers at Parks & Braxton, PA can protect your rights. A traffic ticket may not seem like a serious crime, but some infractions can lead to long-term legal penalties, not to mention increased insurance costs. If you want to fight your ticket, you need a legal advocate with the experience to fight for you.

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