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No Passing Zone

No Passing Zone Violations

Fight Your Ticket with a Miami Traffic Ticket Attorney

Florida's traffic laws are held in place to keep pedestrians and drivers safe and when they are violated, penalties are likely to occur. Because there are different circumstances on the road when passing is not allowed, drivers can be given a ticket for breaking this rule.

At Parks & Braxton, we understand how frustrating a traffic ticket is. However, you can fight back to prevent such a ticket from marring your driving record and your future. With our strong defense team, we can work tirelessly to fight your charges.

By hiring a Miami traffic ticket attorney from our firm, you receive:

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Penalties for Violating a No Passing Zone

No passing zones typically set up in school and construction zones, or on one-lane roads without strong visibility. Not only can violating these zones be cause for penalties from a law enforcement officer, it can also be very dangerous for you and other drivers on the road.

If you are given a ticket for such an offense, you can receive a fine as determined by the officer and points may be added to your driving record. For those with a commercial license, it can greatly impact your livelihood.

Regardless of your circumstances, you don't simply have to sit back and accept your ticket. Taking action against the penalties you've been charged with can benefit you in the present and years down the line. It is important to take action right away, before your case progresses any further.

Our firm will give you the legal counsel you need, looking out for your best interests no matter how long it takes. For a dedicated defense team, call Parks & Braxton, PA today!

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