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Move Over Law

Move Over Law in Florida

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You've heard the common refrain "move to the right for sirens and lights," but what about when an emergency vehicle is already parked on the side of the road for an accident or traffic violation? These circumstances, too, require drivers to abide by a certain law.

The Move Over Law in Florida dictates a driver's responsibility in such a situation and if not followed, penalties can occur. If you have received a ticket because you did not move over when approaching emergency workers, a Miami traffic ticket lawyer from our firm can help you fight these charges. With nearly four decades of defense experience, you can put your case in our reliable hands.

What is the Move Over Law?

Florida passed the Move Over Law in 1994 after a paramedic working an accident on the roadside was struck and injured. Because the paramedic was found at fault for his injuries, a law was passed to protect other emergency workers attending to the scene of an accident.

Drivers in Florida are required to slow down or move over when they approach emergency or law enforcement vehicles parked on the side of the road. However, there are specifics to this law that must be followed.

The Move Over Law necessitates the following:

  • On a two-lane roadway, drivers must slow down to a speed 20mph lower than the posted speed limit
  • When the speed limit is already 20mph or less, drivers must slow down to 5mph
  • An interstate with several lanes of traffic going the same direction requires that drivers safely leave the lane closest to the emergency vehicle
  • If drivers cannot move over, they must slow down to 20mph below the posted speed limit

Failure to follow these guidelines can incur a fine up to $120 and three points applied to your drivers' license.

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