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Miami Heroin Attorney

Have you been arrested for heroin charges?

Charges relating to the possession, trafficking, manufacturing or transporting of heroin are taken seriously by law enforcement. You put yourself and your future at great risk if you fail to enlist the help of a powerful Miami drug crime lawyer from Parks & Braxton, PA. Our team has more than 48 years of experience with handling thousands of criminal cases, and our firm is widely recognized for our success in matters of criminal defense. Time and time again, clients who are up against state or federal agents for heroin charges benefit substantially from the efforts we enlist in forcefully defending their constitutional rights.

Heroin is known as for its addictive properties and those who are addicted will go to great lengths in order to continue getting their fix. These charges can result in felony convictions, even for those that it is their first offense. Guarding yourself against the serious repercussions of a heroin conviction is important, since otherwise, you may leave yourself susceptible to the harsh verdict the prosecution is hoping to obtain. Charges for heroin distribution or heroin manufacturing can be punished by up to 15 years in prison because they are considered second-degree felonies. All efforts should be put forth in seeking to avoid both the minimum and the maximum sentencing since either one can have devastating outcomes.

Call a Miami drug crime lawyer who can fight for you!

We understand that you may have been falsely accused of a drug crime, and we use our impressive background investigating claims to try and prove that you are innocent of all charges. We are dedicated to handling your case with the ultimate effort and tireless defense. By serving extensively in numerous areas of law including prosecution, our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the justice system that is invaluable in cases where the freedom of an individual is on the line. We answer your calls 24/7 even including holidays. Our firm also offers a free case evaluation for you to take advantage of. With thousands of cases successfully handled, we want your case to be our next win.

Contact a Miami heroin attorney if you are being charged with possession or sales of the illegal drug. We will take your phone call 24/7.

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