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Possession With the Intent To Sell

Miami Drug Possession Attorney

Possession with the Intent to Sell

For those who are caught or wrongfully accused of possessing drugs with the intent to distribute them, hiring a Miami drug lawyer is an important step in seeking to ensure your freedom. Charges of possession are already high, so those found to be in possession with the intent to distribute will have a difficult task ahead of them to prove their innocence regardless of whether they had the drugs for profit or not. When you contact our firm, Parks & Braxton, PA, we will fight to secure you an outcome that protects you from years of jail time or brings about a significant reduction in charges. Ultimately, we will never stop fighting for an outcome that protects you from jail and expensive fines.

Under Florida statute, possessing with the intent to sell, deliver or manufacture any controlled substances is illegal. Possession of drugs or paraphernalia with intent the intent to sell can leave you with either misdemeanor or felony charges. The intent to sell marijuana counts as a third-degree felony typically receiving a sentence of up to five years and the intent to sell cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, crystal meth and prescription drugs is a second-degree felony facing up to 15 years as a sentence.

Those charged with intent to sell near a school or daycare will have a mandatory prison sentence and increase in the degree of their felony. The accompaniment of scales and baggies along with drugs can make it look like your intention was to distribute the drugs. Those found with large amounts of drugs may be suspected of distribution as well. Any sale or distribution of drugs is highly illegal and while you may not have actually sold any, if the prosecution can provide a convincing case that you had the intention to, you can face years in prison and seriously high fines.

Effectively Fighting Drug Charges in Miami

You have legal rights that our team is determined to uphold. Through our representation, we can form a strong defensive case and use that case to argue before the courts and negotiate with the prosecution. We have taken on thousands of cases successfully through our 50 years of combined experience and we know what you are going up against in drug crime charges. Working formerly as a prosecutor, our attorney has seen the damage that can occur to those convicted, as well as their family. Our goal is to provide you with hard hitting defense, convincing the court of your innocence in a drug crime.

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