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Drug Manufacturing in Miami

Cultivation, Processing & Packing

Many individuals are unaware that they can be charged with drug manufacturing for having materials, equipment or supplies that pertain to the manufacturing of illegal drugs. You may be charged with this crime for simply having those items in your possession, and it is not necessary for police to catch you in the actual act of manufacturing itself. Drug manufacturing charges usually involve the manufacturing of methamphetamine (meth), and law enforcement agents throughout Florida are aggressively hunting down suspected meth lab locations.

If you have been charged with a drug manufacturing offense, you must be warned about the aggressive case that the prosecutor is building against you. Florida takes this drug crime very seriously, partly because of the high-risk for explosions and fires in meth labs and other similar set-ups. Those that are suspected of creating illegal drugs such as heroin, marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth, PCP or ecstasy may have a felony placed on their criminal record. Charges may even be imposed against those who are found to have supplies or equipment used to make drugs either chemically or through other ways. It is crucial that you have the help of a Miami drug crime attorney who will stay by your side during the entire process of your criminal case.

According to §893.147 of the Florida criminal code, it is illegal to "plant, propagate, cultivate, grow, harvest, manufacture, compound, convert, product, process, prepare, test, analyze, pack, repack, store, contain or conceal a controlled substance." They leave no stone unturned when it comes to defining manufacturing as illegal. Regardless of the circumstances, it is illegal to manufacture with the intent that the drug will be delivered and used. A third degree felony is punishable by a jail term of up to five years and a $5,000 fine, according to the penalties listed under §775.082 and §775.083. Those who are classified as "habitual offenders" may be sentenced to jail for up to ten years. These charges are for those who were found in possession and reasonable evidence was found of attempts to manufacture or cultivate illegal controlled substances.

Tough Defense Against a Third Degree Felony

In some drug manufacturing cases, our firm will be able to prove that your rights were violated because law enforcement did not have the proper warrant or probable cause to conduct a search. We investigate every aspect of your arrest and your charges to find weaknesses like this in the prosecution's case against you. When a search is not conducted properly or probable cause cannot be proven with evidence, we may be able to have your charges successfully reduced or dismissed altogether.

If you are convicted of drug manufacturing, you will likely face the penalties for a felony crime regardless of whether your intent was to use the drugs for personal use, sale or distribution. Don't risk these serious, life-changing penalties. Call our distinguished criminal defense firm today! Our office is available 24/7 so that you always have help when you need it most. We even offer a free case evaluation to review your claim free of charge. We have nearly four decades of experience in a wide range of drug crime charges, including manufacturing, and have already handled thousands of cases successfully in the past. Call now!

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