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Miami Drug Cultivation Attorney

Are you charged with cultivation of drugs?

Cultivating drugs can put you in conflict with state laws as well as federal laws. You need our Miami drug lawyer on your side from beginning to end. With the large use of marijuana in today's society, many are cultivating the drug illegally, even using their homes as an area to do so. A third degree felony, cultivation of marijuana can gain you up to five years in a prison sentence.

The enforcement of drug cultivation in the State of Florida has continued to grow, using stake outs and surveillance as a means to bust those that are growing any substances for illegal use. Prosecution will use any means they can include wiretapping in an effort to obtain a case against the defendant. Those sentenced for the drug crime can incur repercussions such as jail time, fines, drug rehabilitative programs, community service, probation, counseling along with other penalties. A 3 years mandatory sentence is given for those with between 25 pounds and 2,000 pounds of marijuana, a 7 year mandatory sentence is given for between 2,000 and 10,000 pounds of marijuana with a 15 year mandatory sentence being given for anything over 10,000 pounds.

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With the help of our attorneys you can defend yourself against allegations, combating the prosecution that may be looking to put you behind bars. Since the crackdown on drug enforcement continues to wage on, those suspected of cultivation may not always be given an unbiased trial. Our attorney will use our strong comprehension of the law along with our refined ability to review a case and develop its strong points, in an effort to guard you against a conviction. When you or a loved one has been charged with this serious drug crime, contact a Miami drug cultivation attorney from our office.

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