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DUI Manslaughter

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Vehicular Homicide & Serious DUI Charges

Were you arrested for causing a fatal car accident? You could face charges of DUI manslaughter, a second degree felony offense in Florida. According to Florida law, DUI manslaughter is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. However, if you are accused of leaving the scene of the accident, you could face first degree felony charges. A first degree felony is punishable by 30 years in prison. If you are convicted of a DUI manslaughter, there is a mandatory minimum of 4 years in state prison if convicted.

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Types of DUI Manslaughter in Florida

There are two major types of DUI manslaughter charges in Florida: "DUI Manslaughter" and "DUI Manslaughter and Leaving the Scene." If you were involved in a fatal car accident, Florida law requires you to stay at the scene of the accident and render aid. This includes:

  • Notifying law enforcement of the accident
  • Providing "reasonable" assistance / aid

The term "reasonable assistance" refers to a wide gamut of situations. In fact, each scenario determines a different type of "reasonable aid." If law enforcement believes that you fled the scene or failed to provide reasonable aid, you could face charges of leaving the scene.

The Investigation Process

When you are involved in a deadly auto accident, a traffic homicide investigator will examine the scene of the accident and take measurements to determine the cause of the crash and the elements involved. There will also be blood test experts and officers at the scene who will gather evidence for the State Attorney and the prosecution's case. To protect your rights, make sure that a Miami DUI lawyer is also on the scene of the accident to gather evidence for your defense case. Call Parks & Braxton, PA for the aggressive legal defense you need to avoid penalties for DUI manslaughter.

How to Avoid a DUI Manslaughter Conviction

A defense lawyer cannot guarantee the outcome of your case, but working with the right attorney can improve your chances of a favorable case outcome. The legal team at Parks & Braxton, PA is highly familiar with the errors and flaws that can occur with these blood tests and we can help you challenge your blood test results.

If you have been charged with DUI manslaughter, act now to secure the help and guidance of a skilled Miami DUI lawyer from our distinguished criminal defense firm. We have extensive experience handling DUI cases throughout Florida and have amassed a wealth of resources to apply to our clients' defense.

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