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Tax Fraud

Miami Tax Fraud Attorney

Accused of tax fraud in Miami, Florida?

Several people in Florida are now facing federal tax fraud charges for a scam that raked in $120 million. This type of fraud has become a major concern for Florida in recent years, and state and federal investigators are focusing their efforts on tracking down individuals suspected of tax fraud. Those who are accused of this crime will face federal charges. Tax fraud charges generally involve acting in a manner to defraud the IRS of money in numerous ways.

You may be accused of committing tax fraud if you have intentionally violated your legal duty to voluntarily file income tax returns and/or pay the right amount of income taxes that you owe. Being accused of tax fraud may seem like a hopeless situation, but there is a way that you can fight your charges with the law. A Miami criminal defense lawyer at Parks & Braxton, PA is familiar with the defense strategies that can be constructed against fraud charges of this nature in order to avoid serious penalties under the law.

Miami Tax Fraud Lawyer: Fighting for You

Have you been charged with a form of tax fraud in Miami? You may not even be aware that your actions were illegal, but you are now facing federal penalties that include prison time and more. Claiming false deductions, knowingly changing your income, possessing two sets of books, and using false amounts in books and records can all lead to tax fraud charges.

Here at Parks & Braxton, PA, we have an intimate knowledge of criminal law and the defense strategies that will be effective in challenging your charges. We can defend both individuals and companies against the charges levied against them, and we have successfully handled thousands of cases in the past.

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