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Money Laundering

Miami Money Laundering Lawyer

About Money Laundering in Miami, FL

Money laundering charges carry serious penalties that will stay with individuals for the rest of their life. Money laundering is a process where funds that are generated by legal activities are disguised, concealed or made to appear legitimate in order to avoid prosecution, detection, seizure, and taxation by the government. Similar to other types of fraud crimes, the penalties for money laundering are quite significant even though there is no violence involved.

If you have been accused of money laundering in Miami, you need to seek the counsel of an educated Miami criminal defense lawyer who has extensive experience with criminal law. The right attorney for your case will take the time to thoroughly investigate your financial records and the charges brought against you while showing discretion throughout the process.

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Money laundering charges often involve complex financial transactions and intricate legal complexities, and it is essential that you build a strong defense to combat the prosecution's case against you. Here at our law firm, we have over 50 years of collective legal experience in criminal law, and we have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases for our clients.

If you have concealed the source of funds placed in a bank account or if you have failed to report large cash transactions, you may end up being charged with money laundering. The act of money laundering can also be related to other white collar crimes such as embezzlement and tax fraud. Our firm is intimately familiar with Florida's money laundering laws and we will fight tirelessly to defend your rights so that you can avoid a conviction.

Contact a Miami money laundering attorney at our firm for the exceptional legal counsel and representation you need at this time in your life. We can take your phone call 24 / 7.

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