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Theft & Related Crimes

The Special Robbery Unit is an element of the Miami Criminal Investigations Division that was created to investigate robbery crime scenes with the desired outcome being the apprehension and arrest of the individual who is responsible for the crime. It is obvious that the city of Miami takes robbery offenses very seriously, and anyone accused of robbery needs to seek protection from an attorney who can build a strong defense on their behalf. Robbery is defined as the taking of money or other property from the person or custody of another by the use of force, violence, assault or intimidation. This crime involves face to face confrontation with the victim and is charged with a felony in the state of Florida.

Chapter 812 of the Florida Statutes detail crimes of theft, robbery, and related crimes. §13 in particular of this chapter details robbery. It is defined in the state as taking money or other property which may be the subject of larceny from the person or custody of another with intent to permanently or temporarily deprive the owner. This can be done by using force, violence or other methods of intimidation. It is a first-degree felony in Florida to rob someone with a deadly weapon. A robbery without a firearm is a second-degree felony. Carjacking is a specific type of robbery that involves the stealing of a vehicle. This is a first-degree felony if the robber used a deadly weapon as well as if they did not use a deadly weapon.

Larceny: Alleged Wrongful Acquisition of Property

The investigators who are part of Miami's Robbery Unit will play an active role in the prosecution of those accused of robbery, including testifying at the trials. At Parks & Braxton, PA, we are familiar with the strategies that the prosecution will try to use to convict you and we will be prepared to handle anything that comes our way. If you are charged with armed robbery, meaning that you carried a firearm or other deadly weapon, you will face a 30-year prison sentence if you are convicted of this first-degree felony offense.

Our legal team is highly knowledgeable in criminal defense law, and we have over 50 years of collective legal experience representing individuals throughout Florida. Our proactive and assertive approach to fighting criminal charges has resulted in thousands of successful criminal cases for our clients, and we are confident that we can help you as well.

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