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Record Sealing Expungement

Need to Clear Your Criminal Record?

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Criminal convictions on your record can put a variety of roadblocks to achieving your future goals. Many people who have been convicted of a crime find it challenging to gain employment in certain fields, rent an apartment or purchase a home, getting approved for loans, or even be accepted to school. These are the frustrations that many who have been convicted share. Yet, there is a way to clear these charges from your record, and this can be done through an expungement. Consult Parks & Braxton, PA, you can find out if you qualify for expungement.

If you qualify for expungement, you no longer have to face the consequences of having an arrest and conviction on your record. There will be no information regarding your prior case history when someone runs a background check on you, and you are legally allowed to answer "no" when someone asks if you have a record. The only time that your record will be available for any type of review is under a court order from a government entity.

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Determining Your Eligibility

Regardless of whether you have been convicted or not, information regarding any arrest will show up on your criminal record. If an employer, bank officer or landlord sees this information, they may choose to withhold goods or services to you even though you were never convicted. The following qualifications must be met in order to seek an expungement in the state of Florida. § 943.0585 of the Florida Statutes deals with the possible charges that qualify under expunction.

Expungements can be filed if these requirements are met:

  • You did not plead guilty or were found not guilty for a criminal charge
  • If you were arrested but found not guilty for a charge
  • You do not have any prior multiple arrests
  • You file your petition within one year receiving approval

Other factors that you may need to consider in order to petition for an expungement are that you must provide a certificate of eligibility issued by the department. This must include evidence that they were never convicted as guilty and have never filed for an expunction prior. You have never been convicted of a misdemeanor, felony or criminal ordinance. This must also be your first instance of having a record expunged or sealed, and you will only qualify if you are not on probation or any other type of court supervision. You must also not have received any withhold of adjudication for any crimes under Florida law that are considered exceptions.

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