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Probation Violations

Probation Violations in Florida

Options for Defense from Our Miami Attorney

If you have been arrested for a probation violation, your freedom and your future are in danger. Probation is seen as a trial period for criminal who have been released from prison but still require the supervision of the court system. Individuals who are under probation are legally required to check in with a parole officer who monitors their activities, including drug and alcohol use. Probation can be assigned even for misdemeanor crimes that do not require prison time. Straying from any of these requirements is considered to be a probation violation.

Probation violations are serious offense in Florida, and you may face serious penalties if you are found guilty. It is vitally important to take action against this in order to avoid further effects.

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Probation Violation Penalties

Violating the rules as prescribed by your probation is viewed as a very serious problem, and typically, the courts are not lenient on these sorts of offenses.

You could possibly face the following penalties or sentence enhancements:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • Additional charges
  • Added probation time
  • Revocation of probation
  • State and federal legal consequences

If you have missed one of your probation meetings or if you have tested positive for an illegal drug, you may have time added to your probationary period. You could also have your probation revoked and even be sent to jail. You may also have to attend a hearing to dispute the evidence.

You should contact Parks & Braxton, PA for legal counsel as soon as you have been accused of violating probation to defend you should you need to attend a hearing. We can help form an argument that can help dismiss the charges altogether.

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If you are convicted of violating probation that released you from prison, you may be sent back to serve the remaining time you had left on your prison sentence. Individuals who are serving a probation sentence without ever having prison time may have to face even harsher penalties. Regardless of your situation, an experienced probation lawyer at our firm can help you mount an effective defense to the charges brought against you.

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