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Cyber Crimes

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In the second quarter of 2012, it was estimated that 2,405,518,376 people throughout the world used the Internet. When you consider the vast number of reasons why people use the Internet and all of the information that is available on the internet, it comes as no surprise that the Internet has become a place where criminal activities take place as well. New types of cyber-crime have come into existence over the last decade, and new laws have been created to define and combat these types of activities.

Part of what makes internet crimes so unique is that they do not require any physical contact, and suspected criminals can be investigated without any physical contact or observation as well. Many of the United States federal agencies such as the FBI have created cyber-crime fighting units and special task forces to hunt down internet offenders, even hiring white-hat hackers to test the security of websites and web programs. In addition to having less risk involved, there are many other reasons why cyber-crimes are so popular throughout the world and many different venues for criminal activities to be carried out.

Common Internet Crimes

One of the most common internet crimes that takes place in today's world is hacking. Hacking is a serious invasion of privacy that is defined as the act of breaking into computer systems. This cyber-crime is used in a large variety of ways, such as redirecting someone who is trying to access a site, entering a network that was only intended for private access, purposefully bombing a site to crash the server, or changing the content on someone's Web site. This crime is illegal under Federal Law, Title 18-1-47, Section 1030, and the penalties for a hacking conviction can range from a simple fine to imprisonment for up to 20 years.

Here are some other common types of cyber-crimes:

  • Identity theft
  • Cyber harassment
  • Distribution of malware or viruses
  • Online scams
  • Fraud
  • Stealing credit card info
  • Tampering with a computer
  • Pornography law violations

Fraud is perhaps one of the most common of all types of cyber-crimes. It involves tricking the users of certain sites into disclosing information that is confidential, such as bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, or passwords.

Countless fraud strategies exist today and are most often used on bank websites, commerce websites, and websites owned by major corporations. This crime is so prevalent that the Internet Crime Complaint Center has reported receiving an average of 25,000 complaints per month. Online fraud has reached such massive proportions that fraudulent e-commerce transactions make up almost half of the total annual fraud in the United States every year, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. Don't hesitate to seek legal representation from a Miami cyber crime attorney if you have been accused!

Aggressively Fighting Your Charges

Regardless of the crime you have been charged with, you must take action immediately to defend your rights if you are under investigation or are under arrest. Many people do not realize that they can be arrested just for accessing a computer or a computer network without permission if they did so with an unlawful purpose, and you may be arrested for something you did not think was a crime. The penalties you may face for an internet crime can include a federal prison sentence, costly fines, and more, and you can't afford to be without the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer at this critical time.

When you contact Parks & Braxton, PA about your case, you can receive the help and legal protection you need from one of our experienced lawyers. The definition of these internet crimes is continually changing and becoming more unclear as new types of crime are created, and defending your rights against a federal prosecutor may seem impossible.

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