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Where Do You Find a Competent Dui Lawyer?

Where Do You Find a Competent Dui Lawyer?

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 14-Jan-2017

What most people fail to realize is the fact that they have rights too even after being arrested for a DUI. The best way of defending those rights is by engaging the services of a competent DUI lawyer.

However, in the busy fast paced life we live, it may not be easy to find the right DUI lawyer to handle your case perfectly. You obviously need an attorney who is ready to work on your behalf with the skills, knowledge, and aggressiveness your case deserves.

If you absolutely have no idea of where to locate a good DUI lawyer, desist from calling the local bar association asking for their best referral. They’ll most likely hand you the next lawyer on their referral list without caring how competitive the attorney is in DUI matters. The lawyer may be a good choice but that would be like shooting darts in the dark.

The Internet may be another seemingly good option with lots of information on lots of law firms promising to deliver the best results but not every attorney you find online is as good as he or she claims. You can, however, learn a lot about your predicament from the resources provided online although this won’t be enough to get you off the hook.

More importantly, avoid lawyers you find online who claim to be experts on every aspect of law from civil and criminal litigations to inheritance and DUI. A jack of all legal trades is not your best option when you are facing DUI charges. You need an attorney who specializes in DUI cases. A DUI specialist is well equipped with the right knowledge and skills in this field of law.

When you are arrested and criminally charged for DUI in Miami, keep in mind that your freedom is at stake. There is no other law firm in Florida who recognizes this fact more than Parks & Braxton legal team. This is, without a doubt, the best DUI legal team in Florida. The two partners, Andrew Parks and Michael Braxton have a combined defense experience of more than 40 years. At Parks & Braxton, your DUI case will be handled by a qualified lawyer, not just another associate attorney hurriedly picked from a large pool of inexperienced lawyers as most large firms often do.
You need more than experience to protect you against the possible penalties that may result from a DUI charge. You need to be represented by a lawyer well equipped with hard-hitting tactics specifically tailored to address the unique circumstances surrounding your case. A DUI charge is not won by textbook skills alone.

Unlike other law firms, Parks & Braxton handle your case with all the seriousness it deserves. Your case is given full attention and handled professionally from the moment you contact the law firm. Facing a DUI charge can be quite challenging which is why you should ensure that your rights are well protected by the best attorney in the industry. At Parks & Braxton, your case is in capable hands.

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