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White Collar Crimes: Money Laundering And Tax Fraud

White Collar Crimes: Money Laundering And Tax Fraud

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 2-May-2016

We will get right to the point: If you are preparing a defense on your own for money laundering charges, hiring a money laundering charges defense attorney is your best chance of succeeding. Attorneys with experience in dealing with this particular white collar crime will know how the system works, what prosecutors might be bringing to the table, and how to best present your money laundering charges defense in a manner that will increase your chances of defending your rights.

Money laundering is a very intricate crime, where money is stolen in a way that covers up its source, often by shuffling it around amongst many hands so that the trail is difficult to pinpoint or follow. These crimes are brought to trial in state or federal court, and the penalties can involve: hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars, 12 months in prison, and the sullying of your hard earned reputation. Some of the most common defenses against these charges include lack of knowledge of the source or intended use of the money and entrapment.

Tax fraud, another typical white collar crime, where the criminals evade paying taxes and hide their assets from the IRS. If you have been charged with tax fraud, again, you’re safest wager is hiring a qualified tax fraud attorney who knows how to protect you. Tax codes are complex, mistakes can be made, and sometimes people can be unknowingly negligent. The IRS imposes tough fines and sometimes prison sentences in cases of tax fraud.

At the renowned Miami law firm of Parks & Braxton PA, tax fraud attorneys and money laundering charges defense lawyers with over 40 cumulative years of experience are ready to hear your case and fight for you. Call today for a free consultation at (888) 460-7383. There is no need to put your reputation or career on the line if you can develop a solid defense with the guidance of our skilled attorneys.

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