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The Top DUI Lawyers in Miami

The Top DUI Lawyers in Miami

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 23-Mar-2016

You were on your way back from celebrating your son’s graduation, and yes, you did have a few drinks. But that was way earlier in the day, and you stopped after 2 drinks and spent the rest of the night drinking water. You know your limits and you knew you had to drive home so you did not take any chances. However on the way home, you were coming to an intersection at precisely one of those moments where the green light turns to yellow, and you can’t tell if you have enough time to slow down or speed up. If you brake to avoid passing through the red, it’ll be a hard brake and you even fear skidding out of control. If you speed up, it might turn red before you go through it, technically putting you at risk of running a red light. Of course there is never enough time in this situation to process all of your options, and since it’s the middle of the night and no one else is around, the choice to roll through and risk having some of that red light flash across your face doesn’t seem too high.

At that moment not only red, but red and blue, start flashing all around and now you are in a different kind of trouble because the police officer not only saw you run a red light, but also arrests you for driving under the influence.

Not all DUI arrests occur under the same circumstances, but the response should always be pretty similar: hire one of the top DUI attorneys that you can!

When we say top DUI attorney, we do that with a certain degree of humility, considering that we were named to the “Top Florida Attorneys” Leaders Showcase in Newsweek and obtained the highest AV® Rating from Martindale-Hubbell®.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, and you want to fight for your rights, contact Miami’s top DUI lawyers at the law offices of Parks and Braxton today for a free consultation. (888) 460-7383.

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