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Blog Posts in July, 2016

  • 15-Jul-2016

    Dui Arrest For Drugs Rather Than Alcohol

    What is the Implication of a Urine Test in a DUI Case? Many times an officer concludes that a driver is impaired by drugs rather than alcohol. Florida law makes it illegal to drive a car while under the influence of a controlled substance listed ...
  • 11-Jul-2016

    What if I took the Breath Test

    Jury Instructions About the Breath Test in Florida Most people are of the impression that the legal limit is.08, and if your breath alcohol reading is higher, than you are guilty of DUI in Miami. In many states, where the law simply requires the ...
  • 5-Jul-2016

    Arrested for DUI in Miami

    The most common phrase used by my clients who were arrested for driving under the influence is how overwhelmed they are. Not simply overwhelmed at the prospect of being charged with a crime and having no idea how to handle it. But more specifically, ...


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Case #2013-MM-013483 Defendant blew a .201 and .198 in the breath machine. This was the defendant's Third DUI. The State dropped the DUI. View All Wins
Case #15-009347MU10A Defendent was arrested for DUI and blew a .136 in the breath machine. The DUI was dismissed. View All Wins
Case #2014-CT-047130 Defendant was stopped after he was involved in a hit and run accident. He failed the roadside tests and was arrested for DUI. The State dropped the DUI. View All Wins