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In Need of A Juvenile Crimes Attorney?

In Need of A Juvenile Crimes Attorney?

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 24-Feb-2016

Why would you want a juvenile crime attorney? Shouldn’t a child who makes a mistake pay the punishment for it so that they can learn their lesson? Worst case scenario, aren’t juvenile courts and detention facilities much lighter versions of their adult counterparts?

The answer is no. Juvenile cases involving drug crimes, sex crimes, DUIs, shoplifting charges defense, and traffic offenses are among the most common. The punishment structure is a bit more complicated than just a slap on the wrist. Here’s an example:

Johnny was head of his junior class, captain of the football team, candidate for homecoming king, and known as a friend to all. He has spent his entire life preparing for adulthood while skillfully navigating around the most trivial aspects of coming of age. No one ever thought he would be in the situation he is in now.

Mark was a different story altogether. Not part of any organized sports or club, he spent a few months in the school band as an alto saxophonist, only to drop out without telling anybody. Known for frequent trips to the director’s office and several home visits by truancy officers, he was on an entirely different trajectory in life than Johnny.

However, at some point in time, both of their paths crossed, someone suspected they were involved in some drug related activities, and now they are both in trouble with the law. They have both been charged with drug crimes and despite their denial of involvement, they are both currently awaiting their court dates. Now, since they are both above the age of 14 (15 and 16 years old), they are facing the grave situation where they may be charged in adult court. This is exactly why a juvenile crimes attorney is so necessary for this situation. These children, no matter what their history dictates, are still children and still able to defend themselves from their charges in a juvenile court.

A juvenile crimes attorney will help defend your child and absolve them of the charges they may face, such as in Johnny’s case as he was a person of good moral character. At Parks and Braxton P.A., in Miami, our experience as juvenile crimes attorneys, providing everything from drug crimes defense to shoplifting charges defense for juveniles. This gives us the upper hand in presenting your child’s case and giving them the opportunity to prevent having their future tarnished by the mistakes they made or were accused of making, while coming of age. Call today at (888) 460-7383 for a free consultation, and find out how to protect the future of your child.