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Dui Arrests The Facts And Process

Dui Arrests The Facts And Process

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 16-Aug-2016


1-Breathalyzers can not Detect Drugs

Breathalyzers don’t detect BAC through the blood. Using someone’s breath it’s capable of determining the amount of alcohol absorbed in the lungs, mouth, and throat. There have been reports of the breathalyzers picking up on ingredients in mouthwash. Inaccurate results also occur when somebody has a certain health issues or special diet.

2-Judge Doesn’t Always Decide the Punishment

In some states the penalty is already decided for by the law. If found guilty of having a BAC high enough, the jail time or fine may already be spoken for. Different states have different ways of dealing with DUI cases, as seen throughout these facts.

3-You Have Already Agreed to Taking Sobriety Tests

According to the implied consent laws just driving on the road means you agree to taking FSTs if a cop requests it. FST stands for Field Sobriety Tests. These test your breath, blood, or urine to check for blood alcohol content (BAC). The driver can usually choose which test they would like to take, however, the urine test has been discarded by some states. This is due to how easily and constantly people have evaded turning in their own incriminating DNA sample.

4-Sometimes There are Administrative Hearings Held Before or Instead of Court Trials

Administrative hearings review the details of your arrest. They determine whether your license should be suspended and for how long, instead of the longer process held by a judge. It has been said that it is best to get a lawyer and extend to a trial with a jury. Fighting it out in court can give one the best outcome.

5- Every 120 Seconds Someone is Hurt in a Drunk Driving Incident

The statistics for drunk driving deaths and injuries only get scarier. In 2011, drunk drivers killed 9,878 people, and a year before 17% of children no older than 14 died of the same cause.The leading cause of death in teens is automobile accidents, and of those ⅓ are related to alcohol or other substances. 27 people a day are killed on average this way.

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