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Enough Is Enough: Protect Yourself With A Domestic Violence Attorney

Enough Is Enough: Protect Yourself With A Domestic Violence Attorney

Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 16-Dec-2015

Domestic violence is a most unfortunate circumstance, where household members or family members are pitted against one another as perpetrator and victim in cases of assault, battery, stalking, and kidnapping. This crime leaves the victims mentally traumatized and physically injured and sometimes may even have caused a fatality. As such, these crimes are considered severe and are met with heavy punishments.

As domestic violence attorneys, we have seen these types of tragedies used as a method to accuse someone of violent crimes they did not commit. It might seem unbelieavable for someone to accuse and charge a person they love of domestic abuse that they did not commit, however, the reality is that the rate of people wrongfully accused every year runs around 700,000. You can imagine how many of those accusations turn into charges and convictions, which means that thousands of innocent lives are entirely compromised. Get a domestic violence attorney who has the experience and knowledge to help prevent this from happening to you!

When a person is arrested for domestic violence, they are immediately under the harsh scrutiny of the law. They also have to deal with the neighbors who witnessed the arrest, employers who noticed you did not come to work for a few days, and the criticism of other family members. This kind of scrutiny is deserving of someone who has committed this kind of offense, but if you have been wrongfully accused, this can be nothing short of humiliating! By hiring a skilled domestic violence lawyer, you can protect your rights and reputation by fighting the charges and proving your innocence.

Following a domestic violence arrest, you will be prosecuted by the state attorney’s office and face the harsh consequences if found guilty. Do not let this happen to you; at the law offices of Miami domestic violence attorneys Parks and Braxton P.A., we will use our expertise in fighting these charges to ensure the protection of your rights. Call today at (888) 460-7383.

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