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Parents Could Face Charges After Son Allegedly Shot His Sister

Parents Could Face Charges After Son Allegedly Shot His Sister

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 24-May-2013

Earlier this month Miami news sources reported a shooting in Oakland Park, Miami. The incident occurred shortly after neighbor saw a teenage boy and his younger sister out in the driveway washing a car and later playing hide-and-seek. About an hour later, the neighbor heard a loud noise which turned out to be a gunshot. The Sheriff's Office confirmed that the 13 year old boy had shot his younger sister in the house. The officers determined that the two kids were home alone and the young boy found the handgun in the house.

The officer reported that the shooting looked as if it was accidental, but the situation was still under investigation. After the shooting, the 6-year-old girl was taken to the hospital and deemed in critical but stable condition. A neighbor reported that the shot was right above the girl's heart in her chest area. Later a decision would be made whether or not the parents would have charges placed against them.

This is one example of an accidental shooting with children. A similar occurrence happened earlier in this year in Kentucky when a 5 year old boy shot his 2 year old sister with a child -size rifle he received for his birthday. Statistics show that 1/3 of all households with younger children also have guns somewhere in the house. Among those houses, 40% do not lock the guns away so that their children cannot have access to them.

Cases such as this can be very complicated due to the involvement of children. Parents can be charged for a third-degree felony if the police discover the handgun to have been easily accessed by a minor because the gun was used to cause injury. Crimes involving children require the experienced legal representation of a Miami criminal defense attorney. If you or your child is facing a charge due to an act committed by your child, contact Parks & Braxton, PA.

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