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Blog Posts in May, 2013

  • 28-May-2013

    Sex Offender Registration & Failure to Register

    National law requires that any defendant who is officially convicted of a sex crime – no matter the type or degree – register as a sex offender. In fact, as stated by the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA), a ...
  • 24-May-2013

    Parents Could Face Charges After Son Allegedly Shot His Sister

    Earlier this month Miami news sources reported a shooting in Oakland Park, Miami. The incident occurred shortly after neighbor saw a teenage boy and his younger sister out in the driveway washing a car and later playing hide-and-seek. About an hour ...
  • 17-May-2013

    Avoid the Insurance Implications of a DUI

    After an arrest for DUI, there is much more to be considered than just the potential penalties that could be incurred upon conviction for such charges. In addition, defendants will need to consider implications such as those that could affect ...
  • 10-May-2013

    Couple Charged with Burglary & Criminal Mischief After Wrecking Pet Hospital

    Prosecutors filed charges against a Miami couple that allegedly destroyed a pet hospital after their dog died. According to the police, a 31-year-old wife and a 34-year-old husband caused more than $5,000 worth of damage to the hospital when they ...
  • 3-May-2013

    Coral Gables Police Deny "Crime Wave" After Burglaries

    Coral Gables residents are concerned about a recent string burglaries, but local police say that the incidents to not indicate a crime wave in the city. Coral Gables police released a surveillance video recently that shows a man with a cane peering ...


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Case #15-009347MU10A Defendent was arrested for DUI and blew a .136 in the breath machine. The DUI was dismissed. View All Wins
Case #2014-CT-047130 Defendant was stopped after he was involved in a hit and run accident. He failed the roadside tests and was arrested for DUI. The State dropped the DUI. View All Wins