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Suspect Named in Nursing & Rehab Center Murder Case

Suspect Named in Nursing & Rehab Center Murder Case

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 22-Mar-2013

Police named a suspected in a Miami-Dade stabbing case earlier today. According The Miami Herald, police released information about the case this morning. The report indicated that a 51-year-old man visited Coral Reef Nursing & Rehab Center in Miami, FL on Thursday where his brother is a patient. During the visit, witnesses told law enforcement that the man stabbed a 48-year-old custodial worker in the neck with a knife. The employee did not appear to provoke the man's attack.

After the stabbing, the 51-year-old man was seen walking toward the facility's patio when police officers found him and confiscated the knife. Employees at the nursing and rehab center said that the man appeared to be stalking the custodial worker before the attack. Additionally, the suspect admitted to having an argument with the victim several months prior to the stabbing. He also told authorities that he held a grudge against the victim, but hadn't brought a knife into the facility before Thursday.

According to police, the suspect will be charged with first-degree murder – a crime that is punishable by life in prison and the death penalty. Florida abolished parole for all crimes in 1983. First-degree murder is an extremely serious crime and is willful and premeditated. Typically, felony murder is murder in the first degree. Unlike second degree murder (with is not premeditated), the suspect must plan his/her actions in advance before committing first-degree murder.

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