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Pending Gun Legislation Causes Thefts and Selling of Illegal Weapons

Pending Gun Legislation Causes Thefts and Selling of Illegal Weapons

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 17-Jan-2013

In the state of Florida, men and women are scrambling to gather as many firearms as they can before the Obama Administration rules on gun control throughout the United States. Currently, most gun laws are regulated on a state level. In the state of Florida, there are carry licenses issued for handguns, electronic weapons, knives, tear gas guns, and others but now long guns according to Chapter 790.06 of the State Penal Code.

There is no open carry of firearms allowed in the state even with a license. There are exceptions to this rule when the person in possession of the gun is hunting, camping, or fishing. As well, people are allowed to carry weapons when practicing shooting and travelling to and from a list of specific outdoor activities. While these laws are taken seriously, the state does not require people to disclose their possession of a firearm on contact with law enforcement. In Florida, citizens are not allowed to carry firearms in any career center, any elementary or secondary school facility, or courthouse. People cannot bring guns near polling places, meetings of the legislature, or any school college, or professional event that is not related to firearms. As well, a Florida citizen can be prosecuted if he or she brings a gun into any place of nuisance, a detention facility, prison, or jail, or a college or university. Registered students at colleges or universities are allowed to carry non-lethal electric weapons or stun guns on campus if they are used for defensive purposes only.

Floridians are also unable to carry their guns in an airport or at a seaport. As well, it is illegal for carriers to bring their weapon inside the Savannas Preserve State Park. Anyone who lawfully carries a concealed firearm may be allowed to display the weapon unless the firearm is displayed in an angry manner and is not needed for self-defense. Florida law also permits that private firearm transfers take place without making purchasers file a Federal Firearms Licensee. The Florida Constitutions requires that gun owners may need to have a criminal history records check and a 3-5 day waiting period when a firearm sale is conducted in a place where the public has the “right of access.” This covers all gun shows. In some cities, those that have a concealed weapons permit are excused from a background check.

While gun laws in Florida are relatively loose, there are still many who want to purchase guns and don’t have the right to do so. Two Palm Bay citizens were recently arrested when they were caught trying to sell stolen guns to undercover informants. With the focus on gun control laws that has been occupying politicians in recent days; the need to get firearms has risen. People have been rushing to their local gun shops to purchase the weapons that they want to have with them in case there is a ban on firearms within the United States. For those who cannot legally purchase guns because of a criminal record, there are weapons black markets. Many illegals will steal guns and then sell them at high prices to willing buyers who know that they could never get permission to own a gun from a store.

Like these Palm Bay men, many undercover dealers will deal their stolen property for profit. These two suspects, Jeavante Rasshad Petit-Homme and Shaun Everett Fuller were arrested on January 2nd and charged in dealing stolen property. Fuller was also charged with armed burglary and grand theft. The dealers were discovered when an undercover informant went and purchased two guns from them men. He also bought a television, a rifle, a deep fryer, and other items that were stolen from resident’s properties. The undercover informant then returned the items after they videotaped the deals for evidence. After being read his rights, Fuller admitted to his crimes. Petit-Homme was present at the scene and admitted that he aided in the burglaries. If you have been charged with a weapons crimes or a burglary crime, then you need an attorney by your side.

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