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Miami Man Arrested with 18-Wheeler

Miami Man Arrested with 18-Wheeler

Posted By Posted By Parks and Braxton || 11-Sep-2012

Stealing a motor vehicle is considered grand theft auto, and is a crime that is often charged as a felony. When a man from Miami took an 18-wheeler trailer-tractor carrying $250,000 of copper sheeting, he was suddenly guilty of variety of theft crimes, including grand theft auto. The man was apprehended in Ashville, North Carolina. His name is Yubani Millares-Vera. The 37-year-old was charged with identity theft, possession of stolen goods, and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Troopers stopped him when they saw him driving the large vehicle and recognized the license plate as one that was on their stolen cars list. Officials knew that the truck had been stolen early on Saturday morning in Washington County, Virginia. The police suspect that Vera is a part of a Florida cargo theft ring which tries to take the valuables out of large trucks which are stolen on the highway.

The middle-aged man is now in a Buncombe County Jail on a $700,000 bond. He has not yet declared whether or not he has an attorney, but he will need one in order to battle his charges in court. While the police suspect that Vera is a part of the cargo theft ring, they have not confirmed this, therefore they do not have a right to prosecute Vera as if he is associated with the criminals. While stealing vehicles is illegal, an accomplished criminal defense lawyer at Parks & Braxton may be able to develop a defense that can reduce your sentences.

For example, were you stealing the car because of an emergency in which you needed a vehicle fast? Were you aware of the contents in the bed of the truck? Were you attempting to steal the goods in the truck or just the truck itself? Talk to a personal injury lawyer today to get more information on how you can best defend your case and avoid harsher sentences!