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Learn More About Your Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys

Learn More About Your Miami Criminal Defense Attorneys

Posted By Posted By Parks & Braxton, PA || 27-Nov-2012

A criminal arrest is perhaps one of the most difficult situations you will experience in your lifetime. As a result, choosing to hire an aggressive legal professional is one of your best options to fighting for your freedom. If you have been accused of a crime, contact a Miami criminal defense attorney immediately to begin challenging the charges placed against you. Whether you are being accused of breaking and entering, drug crimes or you are wanted for murder; Parks & Braxton, P.A. is the firm that you need.

When dealing with a criminal charge, you want to hire a strong attorney that is willing to do whatever it takes to represent their clients before the court. At Parks & Braxton we understand how vital every moment is once a person is arrested, and because of this we are available around the clock to help you! You can contact our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you legal needs. We realize that arrests don’t just happen during business hours, and because of that we are prepared to come to your aid even on holidays. Our main mission is to see to it that you are properly defended, and that requires flexibility, time and commitment!

Our firm collectively has 48 years of experience behind our doors, and during that time we have handled thousands of cases in which we were successful. A strong criminal defense attorney realizes what is at stake in every case, and here we see that your future is at risk and it is our job to defend your rights as you face criminal charges. Our team is comprised of three main attorneys, founding attorney Michael Braxton, founding attorney Andrew Parks, and also Lawrence Meltzer.

Attorney Michael Braxton is a valuable asset to our legal team as he has had many years of experience in the legal world. Michael Braxton attended the University of Connecticut, where he received his B.S. in Business Administration. Soon after he decided to further his education by attending Nova Law Center where he graduated with a Juris Doctorate in 1993. He began his career as a Public Defender in Tampa soon after. Here he was able to learn skills and techniques that are now invaluable as he leads his own firm. During that time he was able to help numerous clients with their cases, many of which were seen as not guilty for the crimes they were accused of. Mr. Braxton is well known throughout the legal community as he has been given the opportunity to speak at various seminars particularly in the area of DUI defense. As a skilled attorney he does what is necessary to find the cracks in the prosecution’s case. For example in the past he has been able to prove police misconduct, destruction of evidence, as well as doing whatever else is needed to prove the innocence of his clients.

Andrew Parks is another important asset to the firm. He graduated from the Hofstra University School of Law in 1995 with his JD, and then he went on to spend some time as a as a prosecutor. Today, as a criminal defense attorney, he is able to use the knowledge that was obtained during his first years and use it on behalf of his client’s defense. Having a team member who is prepared with the possible methods of the prosecution makes Parks a valuable attorney to have in our firm. During his time as a practicing attorney he has had the privilege to counsel thousands of cases, and take over 100 of them to trial. Andrew is known for his work, and has even been published in the national DWI Journal on their front page about various topics of defense.

Last, but certainly not least, Lawrence Meltzer is another member of our legal team. Meltzer received his Juris Doctorate in 2000 from Nova Southeastern University, and since then he has been pressing forward to be the best attorney he can be. In his time, he has been able to help numerous clients in their fight for freedom. He is known for representing over 100 clients who received “not guilty” verdicts; not only that but he has helped 1,500 clients have their cases dismissed entirely. He has had the privilege of being featured on numerous television shows and news stations to discuss criminal defense, specifically DUI laws.

As you can see, we have an impressive legal team at our firm and if you have been accused of any sort of crime, you won’t be disappointed with any of them. While no attorney can make a guarantee for the outcome of a case, we can promise that we will put forth the time and energy needed to present a strong defense for each of our clients. We want each person to know that we see you as a person who needs legal help, not as a criminal or a hopeless wanderer. Our aim is to help you fight for freedom again, or at least significantly reduce the charges placed against you. We are prepared to defend cases such as kidnapping, hate crimes, murder and anything in between. For a more detailed list of possible charges, click here.

You can learn more about our firm by reading our Kudzu page, or by following us on any of our social media websites. On Google Plus and Twitter you will find informative updates about our firm as well as any relevant news articles that we believe our followers would benefit by. If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime, don’t hesitate to contact our firm today for the Miami criminal defense lawyer that you deserve! Call today for a free case evaluation toll free at (888) 392-1518. Our main office is located at 1041 Ives Dairy Road Suite #137 Miami, FL 33179. Fortunately, we have many office locations including West Palm Beach, Tampa, Jacksonville, and more!

Time is of the essence when an individual is facing criminal charges, so if this is you, don’t wait another moment. We offer our services around the clock because we understand how crucial it is to take legal action. Contact the office of Parks & Braxton now for any more questions you may have and to begin the process of fighting for your freedom!

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