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Woman Killed by Stalker in Florida

Woman Killed by Stalker in Florida

Posted By Posted By Parker & Braxton || 13-Jul-2012

Police shot and killed an estranged man who was allegedly stalking 54-year-old Rose Nelson in Eustis, Florida. The middle-aged woman was aware that she was being stalked by the man, and had contacted the police the day before to talk about the situation. However, she was not able to warn them fast enough, and was shot by the stalker the next morning at an auto parts shop. Nelson knew that the man wanted a relationship with her, and avoided him as much as possible. A witness called 911 when the woman was working in the auto parts store and was suddenly confronted by a strange man. He raised a gun and shot her, then shooting another female employee in the establishment. The man also made off with automobile goods that were in the store.

Originally, a customer in Eustis Advance Discount Auto Parts thought that it was a robbery. Yet it seems that the attack and murder was premeditated. Rose Nelson claimed the day before that a customer who wanted to date her tried to carjack her in the store parking lot. He was caught, but looked her in the eyes and jumped out of the car. He then told her that he wasn’t done and that he would be back soon.

The victim only reported the stalker by his first name, so police have yet to identify him. Rose said that she was going to go down to the police station to give a detailed report of the stalker on Wednesday morning, but had switched her work schedule to avoid the stalker and decided that she would go in the evening instead. She was working her morning shift when the man who and killed her. The criminal was chased into the woods after his attack and shot to death by law enforcement. The other employee shot in the confrontation was airlifted to an Orlando hospital. If you are suspected of a murder like this one, or of stalking someone, then you should talk to someone at our firm for defense. We will develop your case and provide adequate defenses which may be able to protect your from a devastating sentence.