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More Threats All Over America During Dark Knight Showings

More Threats All Over America During Dark Knight Showings

Posted By Posted By Parker & Braxton || 24-Jul-2012

After the devastating massacre at a Colorado movie theatre, police have been vigilant to check all bags and watch out for suspicious characters at the movie theatre. Still, three offenders have been arrested at separate instances in Maine, Arizona, and California since James Holmes attack that killed 12 and injured 58 in Colorado.

In Maine, police patrols at the theatre arrested a 49-year-old who was speeding on Sunday. In his car they discovered an AK-47, four handguns, and several boxes of ammunition. In addition, they found clippings from newspaper articles of the Colorado killings. The man told police that he had been at the theater watching The Dark Knight Rises in Maine with a loaded gun in his backpack. He chose not to shoot anyone in the audience, and instead was heading to New Hampshire to shoot and kill a former employer.

When the suspect’s home was searched, police found more weapons. In Arizona, another offender was arrested when he created a commotion at a showing of the film on Friday. The man threatened and intimidated the audience. Police determined that the man was intoxicated, which is why he was acting strangely and startling already on-edge viewers during the film. One patron confronted the drunk man and he erupted, sending 50 people rushing from the theater in fear of another shooting.

In Los Angeles, authorities arrested another man at a theater in Norwalk. The man was uttering threats and made references to the Colorado shooting in the movie theater. He was arrested for terroristic threats. He was carrying backpacks, but they did not find any weapons inside. They also wen to the man’s home and found nothing there. At present, any threats or subversive activity by patrons at showings of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises will be taken very seriously. Talk to a criminal defense attorney if you were arrested for some sort of activity in conjunction with Batman or the movie theater.