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Man Arrested for Hiding Gun in Planter at Airport

Man Arrested for Hiding Gun in Planter at Airport

Posted By Posted By Parker & Braxton || 9-Jul-2012

We all know that airports aren’t tolerant of weapons on board their aircraft, but one man in Oregon thought that his solution to avoid a pat-down in the airport line would help him to keep his weapons safe from harm. Unfortunately, his creative option wasn’t a correct one. This 69-year-old man attempted to hide a handgun in one of the decorative plants at an Oregon airport in an attempt to keep it from being confiscated during the carry-on luggage screening. He figured that if the weapon was concealed, he would be able to retrieve it when he arrived back in Oregon.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, he was told that he couldn’t carry his loaded .22 caliber pistol through the airport security checkpoint. The TSA said that the man could stow it in his luggage instead, but he refused. They watched him disregard their advice and walk over to a planter. He then dropped the pistol into the plant and walked away suspiciously. The airport police recovered the gun and arrested the offender for defying authority for recklessly endangering men and women in the airport. He is currently facing charges for the latter offense. The man explained to the police that he was just hiding the gun so he could pick it up on his return trip.

If you were arrested in an airport for defying security measures, then you may need some legal help. This common but serious offense could land you time in jail. You may also end up with a mark on your criminal record, which could cause you difficulty in obtaining a job or applying for various practices like adoption in the future. Talk to an associate at Parker & Braxton today for more information on how to fight your charges!