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Florida Man Jumps of Roof and Bites Homeowner

Florida Man Jumps of Roof and Bites Homeowner

Posted By Posted By Parker & Braxton || 12-Jul-2012

While tests have not yet been completed, police believe that another bath salts incident in Florida will send a man with the initials A.H. to prison for a very long time. Only a few months ago, the news spotlight shone on a man who had ingested a harmful synthetic drug and then attempted to eat a Miami resident’s face. This case, while not as gruesome, involves similar symptoms. A.H. went on a rampage at a random home in Miami on July 11th which climaxed in his arrest. According to reports, the young man with blonde dreadlocks invaded a person’s personal property and began destroying the homeowner’s furniture in the early hours of the morning.

He then stripped naked and climbed to the roof of the home. The homeowner and his son walked outside to see what was going on, and were attacked by the mentally unstable man. During this time the offender urinated on their floor and bit the homeowner in the stomach. The wound was deep, and he may be permanently disfigured from the incident. A.H. then scrambled back onto the roof and jumped onto the homeowners car, shattering the windshield. This caused about $1,500 in damage to the car alone. The homeowner immediately called 911, and police rushed to the scene to arrest the criminal. However, he wasn’t easy to subdue.

Officials had to Taser him five times and use handcuffs and leg braces just to get him into the police rover. A.H. resisted arrest, spitting on and biting officers as they tried to put him in the car. He also effectively kicked on officers. The officers even needed to call for back-up in the incident. A.H.’s dive from the top of the roof left him shockingly unfazed or unharmed. A.H. is now in custody and faces charges of burglary/assault, aggravated battery, simple battery and three counts of battery on a law enforcement officer. He may serve extra sentences for criminal mischief. If it is proven that he was on a strong synthetic drug as suspected, A.H. will be given sentences for this as well.