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Blog Posts in July, 2012

  • 24-Jul-2012

    More Threats All Over America During Dark Knight Showings

    After the devastating massacre at a Colorado movie theatre, police have been vigilant to check all bags and watch out for suspicious characters at the movie theatre. Still, three offenders have been arrested at separate instances in Maine, Arizona, ...
  • 16-Jul-2012

    Bronco's Defensive End Arrested for Aggravated Assault in Miami

    Elvis Dumervil is encouraged to exercise aggression and tenacity on the football field, but he was recently arrested for displaying these character traits outside of the football stadium. Dumervil was taken into custody on Saturday, July 14 th, after ...
  • 13-Jul-2012

    Woman Killed by Stalker in Florida

    Police shot and killed an estranged man who was allegedly stalking 54-year-old Rose Nelson in Eustis, Florida. The middle-aged woman was aware that she was being stalked by the man, and had contacted the police the day before to talk about the ...
  • 12-Jul-2012

    Florida Man Jumps of Roof and Bites Homeowner

    While tests have not yet been completed, police believe that another bath salts incident in Florida will send a man with the initials A.H. to prison for a very long time. Only a few months ago, the news spotlight shone on a man who had ingested a ...
  • 11-Jul-2012

    Reggae Star Wants New Trial

    Buju Banton is a well-known name in the reggae world as a singer straight from Jamaica. Now, he is also a well-known name in a Tampa jail, where he has been asking for new trial in a federal court. The federal court of appeals in Atlanta upheld his ...
  • 9-Jul-2012

    Man Arrested for Hiding Gun in Planter at Airport

    We all know that airports aren’t tolerant of weapons on board their aircraft, but one man in Oregon thought that his solution to avoid a pat-down in the airport line would help him to keep his weapons safe from harm. Unfortunately, his creative ...
  • 6-Jul-2012

    Undercover Narcotics Investigation Leads to Shooting at Wal-Mart

    In Bradenton, Florida, investigators are on the lookout for two men who allegedly fled the scene of an undercover narcotics investigation in a Wal-Mart parking lot. The drug traffickers noticed the police, and one criminal rammed his car into the ...
  • 5-Jul-2012

    South Florida Police Arrested for Beating Immigrants

    Three Florida police in the Miami area have recently been charged with a series of immigrant beatings after a year of investigation on the matter. The Bradenton Herald declares that the Homestead Police Sergeant Jeffery Rome beat two men outside of a ...
  • 5-Jul-2012

    The George Zimmerman Case: Zimmerman's Attempt to Flee

    According to a recent report from the Miami Herald, a Circuit Judge has ruled that murder suspect Zimmerman attempted to flee the scene with money that he raised from donations from those who believe that he is innocent. Zimmerman’s bail has ...
  • 4-Jul-2012

    Florida Teen Given 162 Prison Sentence with No Parole for Robbery

    A 20-year-old from Florida will spend the rest of his life in a state prison because of his involvement in an armed robbery spree. According to the New York Daily News, the young man fired a gun during the robberies, but did not kill or injure anyone ...


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